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Wasting Hours To Prospect On Messenger?

Hi! We are Beach Boss Influencers and we have been building network marketing for years now and have figured out how to be lead generating machines creating 100,000’s of leads per year.

In fact, we have taught over 150,000 people how to do the same thing…

BUT we ran into a HUGE problem… 

We had SOOO many people coming to us that we could not keep up, we would lose quality prospects and many top earners in messenger messages that were interested in the products or taking a look at joining us in our team.

It was super frustrating and overwhelming. It took forever to find people and trying to remember all their names was not possible.

We tried spreadsheets, other tools, extensions, and apps that just didn’t have all the features we were looking for specifically to build our network marketing team.

So we decided to create our own.

We wanted ONE tool that did it all.

ONE tool that tracked, messaged, had suggested phrases to move people forward to a decision, PLUS had A LOT of automation to give us time back with the ones we loved, because spending all day in front of a screen messaging people instead of with the people we love just wasn’t what we wanted our life to be… 

Introducing LeadMagicX
(Chrome Plugin)

It’s an easy way to filter, organize and convert thousands of messenger prospects so that you can save time, rank advance and grow your business faster.

Quickly locate high value prospects from your overwhelming list of contacts by organizing them in folders

Add private notes to each contact to keep track of thousands of conversations

Automate prospecting messages to free up your precious time

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$ 29
per month
  • Contact management
  • Search, filter and organize leads in Messenger
  • Add private notes to each contact
  • Create message templates, no more copy-and-paste
  • Bonus: Messenger Prospecting Secrets course from 7-figure earner Brandy Shaver
  • 500 contacts
  • 50 automated messenger messages a day
44% Off


$ 49
per month
  • Contact management
  • Search, filter and organize leads in Messenger
  • Add private notes to each contact
  • Create message templates, no more copy-and-paste
  • Bonus: Messenger Prospecting Secrets course from 7-figure earner Brandy Shaver
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited automated messenger messages
44% Off

Bonus Training:
Messenger Prospecting Secrets

(This 7-figure training will only be offered for a limited time)

In Messenger Prospecting Secrets, Brandy Shaver, co-founder of Beach Boss Influencers is going to teach you exactly what to do and say to 10x your sales without all the small talk or sounding weird, spammy or salesy.

You will be 100% authentic, serving your prospects needs and feeling like a million bucks in the process.

Gone are the days of sending weird spammy messages to friends or strangers to try and SELL your way to the top.

Learn how to have sales conversations that 10x your team members and customers with this bonus trianing! 

How Does
LeadMagicX Work?

​Check below for our Chrome plugin walkthrough

1. Funnels and Stages

Imagine you have multiple offers or opportunities you are promoting. “Funnels” will be used to classify your offers, and “Stages” will be used to classify what stage a contact is in, such as Lead, Prospect, Customer (you can name them whatever you want!)

2. Private Notes

Talking to hundreds of people and keeping track of all conversations are challenging. 

With private notes, you can document what your next step should be so next time when you come back to this person, you know exactly what to do without reading thru the entire conversation again!  


3. Automated Messages

Online prospecting takes time and volume. We need to talk to hundreds of people to get massive results.

But that doesn’t mean you need to sit in front of the computer and do that all day. With automated messages, you can send prospecting messages in bulk to all your prospects (about the same offer).

The best part is we will send it like humans so you stay compliant with Facebook. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

– LeadMagicX has to be installed in Chrome browser on Windows PC, Mac or Chromebook as it does not work on any mobile devices like smart phones or tablets at the moment.

– Email us at support@leadmagicx.com anytime.

– If you order the monthly subscription, you will be billed when you first place your order and on the same date of the following months.

– Your subscription includes access to the 4 features that LeadMagicX offers, customer support and on-going maintenance.

– We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we’re happy to help you get your subscription cancelled. Email us at support@leadmagicx.com and our customer care team will help get your subscription cancelled.



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